Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wicked Sense of Humor

I like how my weekly Etsy Finds proves that I am a geek from Massachusetts. The Reverse the Curse Photo is a famous little sign on Storrow Drive. The Red Sox fan that upgraded the reverse curve sign is indeed brave. If you have ever driven on Storrow drive, you know how crazy that road can be. The curvy road, the highways speeds, and the extremely aggressive drivers make Storrow Drive very dangerous at times. So my hat is off to whoever hanged upside down over Storrow Drive to make this little masterpiece. Yankees Suck.

"Cool Beans" is a Massachusetts catch phrase. You think it would mean something was wrong or bad but actually its the opposite. Cool beans is usually used if you are happily surprised or excited about something. It took a whole semester while at college in Pennsylvania to be broken of my habit of using the word wicked as an adverb for everything. College was wicked cool. I still however use "cool beans" from time to time and the folks here in Champaign, IL still don't get it. We won free tickets to the game, cool beans!

I have a major rabbit problem in my back yard right now. There were two last year and now there are five this year. That's why the Buckling Bunny Tee Shirt got a snort from me. I can't catch the little critters and they seem to like to eat anything. Maybe wrangling them cowboy style would be such a bad idea.

The I'm Pregnant Coffee Stencil made me laugh out loud. Talk about waking up in the morning. No caffeine needed after that little tid bit of news. I don't think I could ever break the news to my husband in this matter. First I don't think he would notice and second I don't think he would find it that funny.

I am a nerd, therefore I love Star Wars. I love the R2D2 cuff links in Cufflinks shop and I absolutely love the Chewbacca mouse. If you have never been to the House of the Mouse please check out her shop. It is ridiculously cute and you will definitely find your next desk mate there.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my little Chewy Mouse :)