Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogs I Love

Zoe Nelson gave me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Zoe! Zoe is a fellow EMC Team member who shares my addiction for metal clay. Zoe's jewelry have a very organic, earthy style to them. I love how she incorporates different gemstones into her pieces.

Zoe's Blue Hickoryite set in Fine Silver

I wanted to thank Zoe for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award and I would like to share with you the other blogs that I love to catch up on.

Blogs I Love:

Etsy MetalClay - A little bias here because I belong to the EMC Team and because I contribute to the Etsy MetalClay blog. Lori and I try and add tips, tricks, member interviews and team news to this blog.

Such and Such- Lora Hart is a the founder of our EMC Team. She blogs about her creative process, her metal clay classes and other artists that inspire her. I especially love her Weekend Eye Candy posts, where she post pictures of new work from artists she is interested in. I know Christine Street and myself have stolen her weekend eye candy idea but her's is still the best.

Inside the artisan - Ruth is a fellow EMC Team member but I love her blog because she has a variety of subjects. She talking about her latest creations, contests she has entered, her life but she also discusses the issues that comes with running a business.

All Things Metal Clay - This little blog has the pulse of the metal clay world so to speak. Calls for entries into books or contests, latest equipment reviews, tutorials, tips and book reviews, make this blog a must for anyone interested in metal clay.

Kraftomatic - Lora of Such and Such clued me into this hysterical blog. If you want to laugh out loud like I did this morning, check out this blog that pokes fun at some of the craft oddities that can be found on Etsy.

Sand Fibers - I am a huge fan of sand fibers work. I am a seed bead fan. I love what can be created with the peyote stitch for example but I don't like the 40 hours needed to create a bracelet. This is why I think I will stick to metal clay instant gratification in comparison with seed beading.

I actually have a very long list of blogs I follow. Most of the blogs I follow are my fellow EMC team mates. It's great to read about people who share my interest in metal clay and to learn about their lives and creative processes. With an ever expanding team it seems we have an ever expanding list:

So the EMC Team Blog List Includes:

C-lyn Studio

Chocolate and Steel

CNK Design

Destinys Creations

Happyday Art

Jennifer Kahn Jewelry

Kale Primitifs

Lulu Bug Jewelry

Mango Tango

Moda di Magno

Murano Silver

Peculiar Forest

Njia Studios

Hopefully I did not forget anyone! Have a great weekend everyone.

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