Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Am I About Anyway?

Catherine Witherell of Happy Day Art tagged me the other day with the subject of "If you were going to write down the things you were about at this particular moment or day in time, what would they be?" She talks about what she is currently about in her Blog.

This summer is turning out to be extremely busy. I really need to organize myself. With a full time job, studying for the professional engineering exam, keeping on top of my Etsy Store, my blog, and keeping my commitments to friends, family and my EMC Team, I feel a little stretched. I also feel like I am trying to balance my time between two different worlds. My engineering job requires me to pass my professional engineering exam this fall. This will require a lot of studying and taking a review course in Chicago (2.5 hours away). I am also attending two metal clay workshops at the MetalClay World Conference in July. So there is my engineering life and then there is my metal clay artist life. So for my two worlds I have two lists:

Clever Endeavor to do list:
copper etching
breaking button habit
being a consistent blogger
fused glass
jewelry party in August
consignment at Glass FX
bezel settings
art fairs
polymer clay

Engineers to do list:
check to see if application has been accepted
sign up for PE Exam Review Class
sign up for October exam (a lovely 8 hour exam)
buy all review books (you do not know how much these cost its disgusting)
make a study schedule and stick to it!

And did I mention that I am hitting the big 3-0 this August. Yikes where the heck did my twenties go? I think keeping a very detailed calander may be in order soon.


  1. it's always a bit good to hear that other artist are trying to keep everything in balance. I always said, "i'm on the quest for balance" but this year I decided that might not be possible, so I'll just SWAY, knowing that when I focus on one thing, others might not be quite done. Not sure if it's really working, but I'm trying. I think it's funny your artistic words are nice and colorful and the engineering words, all black and well written. It seems that you must do a good job trying to keep that balance. good for you.

  2. That is one big bite Christine! Remember that you set it all up and that at 30 you DO have the energy to do it all. (It gets even better after 30.)

    Your buttons are perfect even if you want to break the habit, I understand. You are ready!

    I had to take a test like that once. I would get some sunscreen on and go study outside. Multi-tasking! The fresh air was nice.

    Thanks for playing along. I think it is a very interesting way to realize what is important to you. And after all, now is all there is.


  3. Thanks for encouragement Catherine and Cherylyn. It's going to be a crazy summer but I think managing my two worlds keeps me balanced and grounded.