Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Treasuries

I am lucky to be in two treasuries this week! A big thank you to Kathy of KVossDesigns and Lucia of Gulino Art Jewelry. Check out this treasuries before there gone.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Charms Are Done! And I am Officially 30.

My 30th birthday party was a lot of fun, it was fun to celebrate with my friends on a beautiful day. The day before my birthday there was a double rainbow over our neighborhood, I am thinking this means good luck right?Also I am finally done with my charms for the EMC Team Charm bracelet exchange! Each participant had to make 26 charms, then ship them all to Teresa Boland of Teresa Boland Designs. Teresa would then ship everyone a package containing 25 charms from each individual. One of the charms would be incorporated into a charm bracelet that would be raffled off for charity. I am so excited! I mailed mine out Saturday morning. Spoiler Alert: I have a picture of my charms below if anyone wants a sneak peak.

Double Rainbow over Champaign

Spoiler Alert for EMC Team members! Picture of charms below.

Bronze Flower Charms