Thursday, June 11, 2009

Etsy Finds - Art I Want

It's hard to believe that two years ago this July my husband and I bought our first house in Champaign. If you told me three years ago I would own a home, I would tell you that you were nuts. Up until three years ago, I was quite use to living in a very small city apartment. Out here in the suburbs we have a lot more elbow room but one thing remains the same; empty walls. I am guilty of loving artwork but never being able to make up my mind on how to decorate my living space. Two years in this house and I still have uninspiring, empty walls. I love all types of art work but I can never find art that really goes with the feel of a room.

Anyway I am on a mission to tackle the very empty rooms in my house and the ones listed above have been on my Etsy favorite list for a while. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.

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