Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bronze Age

1. Crescent Earrings 2. Brocatelle Earrings 3. Sunshine Flower Earrings 4. Tribal Dome 5. Braille Heart Pendant 6. Arrowhead Pendant
7. Bronze Shield 8. Sapphire Mussel Necklace 9. Beachcomber Pendant

With the sharp increase in the price of silver, I think I will be doing some more experimentation in bronze. I have been working on several new pieces, that hopefully I will finish soon. It seems like my bronzclay pieces take forever to air dry. Bronzclay is a wonderful material. It is not as forgiving as silver clay and is very temperature sensitive. I think I completely ruined my first few batches until I turned down the temperature in my kiln. There are several good resources for Bronzclay out there though. I have always found the learning section on CoolTools to be very useful. There is a new book on my radar as well, Sherri Haab has published a new book that called Bronze and Copper Clay Basics.

Most of the montage of bronzclay pieces shown above are from Etsy MetalClay members, Jen Kahn, Lora Hart, Kaleprimitifs, Mango Tango Designs,Kfehrdesigns and our honorary member Celie Fago. (Who I would love to take a bronzclay class with, if I only had the time and money to get to Vermont this summer) The eighth pendant is a mussel shaped pendant from Twinklefish. Twinklefish has several lovely bronzclay shells and seahorse pendants in her shop. The ninth pendant is from Beadserroneous Shop. She has a little bit of everything in her shop but I love her bronzclay pieces. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely collection..I think we're coming to the new Bronze Age :)
    I just put my latest Bronze firing times on the PMC Tips blog. It was 10 hours because I had a thick Bangle in there. The firing time & mess from Charcoal is the only bug bear

    Can't wait to see your new Bronze!
    Nic xx

  2. what a lovely collection of bronze! :)
    i have a small collection of lovely 'bubbly' pieces from when i first started... i still hold my breath when i fire up the kiln!