Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Work for the New Year

I have been a very bad blogger. I have however been extremely busy. Last Thursday we had our second Etsy Metal Clay Trunk Show. I think it went well and everyone had fun but preparing for the show and getting new items into my shop has been pretty time consuming. I have added several new designs to my shop. I am still on a Victorian button kick. But I really like some of my results. My two new favorite pieces are my Bronze Peacock Feather Pendant and my Victorian Lace Pendant check them out below.

Victorian Lace Pendant

Bronze Peacock Feather Pendant


  1. Hey Chris,

    LOVE the peacock feather!! And you did a fabulous job of working monitoring the Trunk show. I was sad when it ended -- it went by so fast.


  2. Thanks Emanda. I'm glad you enjoyed the trunk show.

  3. Those are both GREAT!! I especially love the peacock feather though. It's so unique.

  4. Hi! I LOVE all of your items, but for sure these 2 the best! Your items look great and so is your photography. I am sure you will do great on Etsy!