Friday, October 10, 2008

Etsy Treasury List

Etsy :: Treasury List

I don't know what's harder waiting until the final seconds of a popular ebay auction item to bid or trying to snag a treasury on Etsy. The Etsy treasury list is fun to create and I think it was a good idea on Etsy's part. The front page of Etsy website always features a list of someones favorites (that should not include their own work). This keeps the Etsy front page fresh and it also showcases handcrafted items that fellow Etsians find interesting and beautiful. And from a sellers point of view it is the best free advertising one can have on Etsy. So I have created a list of my favorite Etsy items with a fall theme hoping it will make the front page. I would love for my jewelry to make the front page of Etsy but alas it is yet to happen.

I have included a number of my fellow Etsy MetalClay team members in my Treasury list. I have been drooling over Karena's Fennel Feather Leaf Pendant and Jennifer's Fern Fossil Pendant. Please check out my Etsy Autumn Radiance Treasury and tell me what you think!

Karena's Fennel Feather Leaf Pendant

Jennifer's Fern Fossil Pendant

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