Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christine of ChocolateandSteel

Etsy Spotlight Article:

Quit Your Day Job: Chocolate and Steel

Fellow Etsy MetalClay Team member, Christine of ChocolateandSteel, was featured on the Etsy spotlight series "Quit your day job." Check out Christine Etsy interview. I personally love these articles. It is inspirational to see someone turn a passion into a business. It takes a great deal of courage to take such a plunge. I've learned quite a deal playing with metal clay (I still have a lot to learn) but the eye opener in these last few months has been the amount of work necessary to sell my jewelry. Posting your work on Etsy is not enough. Marketing is an active exercise of blogging, maintaining a website, maintaining a Flickr site, networking through Facebook, being at craft fairs, selling to local vendors and hosting jewelry parties. I am actively pursuing all of these objectives this year, hoping that my little shop might get off the ground.

So its great to see a fellow Etsy MetalClay Team Member succeed in what she loves best. I have always loved Christine's fun and simple designs. Below are some of my favorites:

The Uprising

Delicious Apple Pendant

My Heart belongs To Pendant

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  1. Thanks Chris! You are so sweet. I'm so happy to be apart of your team. Your blog is really great and I loved seeing the bronzclay pieces. You're really talented:)