Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Etsy Treasury

My cute little tree frog was featured in a treasury today! A big thank you to Liz Hall of Lizards Jewelry for adding me to her treasury. And good news I sold my little tree frog this morning. Sorry I have not written but between Thanksgiving and remodeling my shop, I have been very busy. That right, my Etsy shop Clever Endeavor has a new look. I have dropped my blue backgrounds for more neutral tones. Hopefully this will help me get into more treasuries! Anyway I hope everyone had a good holiday. I love Liz work. Below are some of Liz's new work that I absolutely Love.


  1. Hello Christine,

    I followed the link on the E=MC blog to find your blog. I'm linking to your blog on my blog.

    You might remember me from the Trunk Show as the winner of Liz Hall's great earrings. I had the correct answer to the question of the two components in bronze. (I was quick on the keyboard).

    I'm also glad to know one can jump in to precious metal clay craft without certification and a few special tools. I'm going to have a talk with Santa.


  2. Hello Emanda. I am glad you had fun at our trunk show. We are having another January 29th! So please stop by again if you get a chance. I started working with pmc with a ultra lite kiln $165 but you can also start by doing torch work as well. There is a yahoo group that is a treasure trove of info on metal clay. Check them out here at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MetalClay/?yguid=358578529